CANCUN is a multi-talented singer/rapper/songwriter and outlandish character. Hailing from the Bronx New York but currently based in Copenhagen.
CANCUN brings his flare for catchy melodies and abstract concepts to the world of trap beats as well as melodic guitar and piano lead bouncy instrumentals.

CANCUN is also the featured artist, and solo vocalist on one of the latest Hedegaard single’s (2019) JUMANJI which is just rounding 7.5 million streams on Spotify and still amassing 100,000 streams per week. He is also featured on the chorus of Hedegaard’s follow up single D.F.W.M. which is just rounding 2 million Spotify streams. CANCUN Currently has over 425,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, ranging from all regions around the world .

With specifically high streaming numbers from Germany, Denmark, Norway and the U.S.A. His latest joint single INVITED, was released October 30th, through the label Lithuania HQ, and was featured on NMF Deutchland, as well as NMF lceland, and Release Radar.
INVITED also reached as high as #6 on Lithuania Power hit radio and is currently playing on their radio station tv commercial campaign